Magicsong & It's Affiliates




Magicsong Productions, Inc.,

recorded and live music & entertainment production

concert & theatrical production, film, video

24-48 track state-of-the art digital recording




Magicsong Performing Arts Studios

lessons & performance coaching, mentoring

voice, acting, dance, tech, instruments

songwriting, composing, arranging, artist development

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Wild East films -

 original film production

 restoration & distribution of rare films

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Magic Graphics

film & graphic arts, photography,
album/dvd covers, production & packaging


artist management, development, mentoring

Madelyn Burns Casting :

 film, tv & theatrical casting, agents/managers referral & coaching


Alliance Music:

Harry Whitaker, Elisa Hale

 vocalists, musicians, arrangers, composers, original songs


Defiance Music:

Harry Whitaker's music production & recording,

 music director/arranger/composer