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El Gran Chito (featuring Pablo Cubano): Muevelo Patraa
Improve Your Groove by Patrick Pfeiffer - published by Hal Leonard
NINA.....unplugged on Rocketeria Records
Caryn Levine - Face To Face....producer: Elisa Hale, engineer: Bob Stander
NIKKI : producers Elisa Hale & Bob Stander (in english & japanese)
BLACK RENAISSANCE by Harry Whitaker on Ubiquity Records
NEW SCHOOL ROCK, RHYTHM & GROOVES by Nina on Rocketeria Records
ELISA HALE ; Vocals & Songs on Arockalypse Records
KATIE AGRESTA: Inside the Light on Aubrey Records
PATRICK PFEIFFER; Bass Guitar for Dummies
JOE MAGNARELLI: Mr. Mags on Criss Cross Jazz Records
Grammy nominated JANET LAWSON Quintet on Cambria Master Recordings
THE MONTEREYS (Elisa Hale, Nick Pomares, Pete Romano, Vinny Tolins on Arockalypse Records
Live from Arturo's HARRY WHITAKER presents NINA ! - on dvd/vhs and cd
DRUMMENTORS program by JOHN O. REILLY (Trans Siberian Orchestra) & LIBERTY DE VITTO (Billy Joel)
A FISTFULL OF TRAILERS : rare collection on Wild East Films
DAY OF ANGER with Lee Van Cleef on Wild East DVDs
BOOT HILL famous "spagetti" western on Wild East DVDs
RONALD MC DONALD HOUSE presents NINA ! - on Rocketeria DVDs
The FLAWBOREDS "Get Nailed" (Vinny Tolins) on Arockalypse Records
stage production: on vhs
....combining dramatic and comedic monologs with song and dance sequences, SOMEONE ELSE'S STORY weaves a tale of the sorrows and joys of being a female teen. And, in watching, we find their sorrows and joys to be not exclusive to those of a female or a teen for that matter. They are the sorrows and joys of all humankind. ...."billed as 'scenes and remembered dreams', the 14 member cast stunned audiences by repeatedly see-sawing their emotions - leaving them at times hysterical with glee, and at other times devastated with grief." - Landmark Rimsky Theater
on vhs......"they say the neon lights are bright - on BROADWAY" ......It's Saturday night and it's New York City. So come stroll down Broadway with Magicsong's performing arts company, ACTing UP!, as they take a peek into it's famous theaters and back alleys to catch glimpses of the shows you've loved and the shows you'd love to see. With song and dance, laughter and tears, this original production features scenes from a variety of Broadway's hits. !